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Argue the Toss - the geek and gaming podcast for Drew and Chella discuss the latest releases, trailers and news for games and other aspects of geek culture, with a particular focus on writing.
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Argue the Toss is the bitesize geek and gaming podcast for

Join Drew and Chella every other Thursday for in-depth discussions on games, trailers, technology and geek culture.

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Nov 9, 2017

Drew and Chella talk about Mario Odyssey, Assassin's Creed Origins and discuss the latest violent trailers for The Last of Us II and Detroit: Become Human.

Oct 9, 2017

Drew and Chella Argue the Toss about Blade Runner 2049 - the sequel to the iconic cyberpunk original. The film that didn't need a sequel now has one and it's largely a success.

The ATTeam get into the bits that work and the missed opportunities. It's not perfect, but it gets a lot right. This is a full review, so the spoiler wall drops around 10 minutes in.

Sep 2, 2017

It's finally here - the big crossover we've been waiting on forever, ever since the first season of Daredevil dropped way, way back in... 2015? Jesus, was it really only two years ago? They've done six series in that time? That can't be... OK, well, it feels a lot longer, which is the important thing.

This week, Argue The Toss is here to review Marvel's l- no, sorry, I can't get over that. That can't be right. Daredevil came out, like, forever ago. No, it's fine, I'll drop it, but... right? I'm not the only one who thinks this?

Anyway, the point is, everyone's three favourite low-tier New York superheroes and Iron Fist have finally gotten together for a battle royale with the villainous Hand, whom you'll know all about if you've watched all of Daredevil S2 (maybe) and Iron Fist (probably not). After two years of build-up, how could The Defenders not be an explosive, high-octane thrillride? Well, listen and find out, 'cause spoiler alert: we spend this whole episode talking about what a disappointment it is.

Jun 10, 2017

We give up. We can't carry on any longer. God knows we've tried to
stick to the brief and "argue about the things that really matter in
games". You know. The thing we say at the top of every show. But
here we are eleven episodes deep into season three and we've done,
what, three episodes about videogames? We can't keep lying to you
like this. We've altered the terms of the deal. And also we've altered
the thing we say at the top of every show. We think you'll be
pleasantly surprised. Or just normally surprised. Or not surprised.

This week the ATTeam have been to see DC's newest offering,
Wonder Woman - a film about an Amazon superhero from the
mystical island of Themyscira. Listen out for us taking pains to
avoid having to pronounce that name during the episode.

Oct 27, 2016
How to Get a Job in Gaming with Corey Brotherson

This week in Argue the Toss, Corey Brotherson flies into the studio to discuss his career writing about games and how he created and published his own comics series.

Drew and Chella find out just how you get a job working for Sony PlayStation and what it takes to move from comics nerd to writing your own stories and getting them published.

There may be some tangents discussing Silver Surfer, Doctor Strange and the polite length of time you can expect your other half to wait to go see the latest Marvel film.

This is Part One of a two-part interview with Corey. In Part Two Corey is back to discuss Luke Cage and Argue the Toss once more.

Find out more about Corey's comics @CoreyBrotherson

Sep 29, 2016
S2|E16 - Untangling Virginia

If you go down to the Kingdom woods, you're sure of a weird surprise. If you go down to those woods today, they're full of the FBI. 'Cause sleepy towns on 90s TV all hide dark secrets amidst the trees - Today's the day the team talk about Virginia.


This week Drew and Chella Argue the Toss about the debut game by developer Variable State - an ethereal, wordless first-person mystery thriller that's equal parts Twin Peaks, X-Files, Silence of the Lambs and the Outer Limits. Grab a cup of coffee - damn good coffee, and hot - and listen along.


Warning: Contains spoilers. Or does it? Isn't that all just down to interpretation?

Sep 1, 2016
10 Things We Wish We'd Known When We Started No Man's Sky

Drew and Chella have been bumming around the universe in No Man's Sky, but they've been going about it all wrong. Luckily, space guide Barbie (a.k.a. editor) John Breeden is on hand with the tips every beginner needs to know before jumping into No Man's Sky.

What is an Atlas Pass and how do you get one? How did we get this far and not know about linking slots? And how is Drew like Captain Kirk in Star Trek Beyond? All these questions and more are answered right here, right now. So what are you waiting for?

Aug 18, 2016
S2|E13 - Inside Inside

This week, the ATTeam have been captured by mysterious men, torn apart by angry dogs, electrocuted by sentry robots, chased by rampant pigs and drowned by malevolent water children. They also both played Inside, which seemed like a more relevant topic for a podcast episode.


Have caution - the second half of this episode contains endgame spoilers. We'll warn you when to stop listening if you don't want to hear them.

Aug 2, 2016
S2 | E12 - Talking Virtual Reality with Doctor Wendy Powell

Regular reality's just not real enough, so this week Argue The Toss returns to the virtual, this time with a special guest! Dr. Wendy Powell, senior member of the IEEE and senior lecturer in applications of VR at the University of Portsmouth, is here to sherpa the team through realities both virtual and augmented.

Where are VR and AR technologies headed? How will they affect us and the way we socialise? What exciting new things can we do with them? What's the future of VR in treating psychological conditions? What negative aspects of VR should we be worried about? And why can't Drew catch a Dratini in Pokémon Go - the indicator says he's right on top of it but it just won't appear no matter where he stands?

All of these questions except one are answered herein. Special thanks to Wendy for joining us.

Jul 19, 2016
S2 | E11 - 6 Things We Want from Mass Effect Andromeda

Drew is on holiday, so Chella invites John Breeden (GiN editor) back on the show to talk about their favourite thing - Mass Effect.

Mass Effect Andromeda is set to release in March 2017, so Chella and John are discussing the things they want to see in the next space epic from BioWare. From space combat to better relationships and more alien cultures, they know what they've got a shopping list for the developers.

Let the team know your top wants for Mass Effect Andromeda, apart from a good ending, because we all want that.

Chat with the team:


Jul 7, 2016
S2 | E10 - The Catch-up-cast

After the grueling task of watching and then talking about E3, the ATTeam have both been on sabbatical - one to the muddy fields of Glastonbury, and one to the bloody fields of Lordran.

Now the gang's back together, and there's just one burning question on their minds - "so, uh, what've you been up to, anyway?"

This week's ATT is a catch-all catch-up cast. The duo discuss Drew's newfound obsession with Dark Souls, chat about Oxenfree, The Beginner's Guide, 1979 Revolution, (Chella please insert any other games and things I've forgotten we talked about here), and finally sort out that whole Brexit mess. Join us for an episode as varied and delightful as Ryan Gosling is handsome and famous.

Stay tuned for the end, where we announce an upcoming Special Guest!

Jun 30, 2016
S2 | Ep01 - Firewatch

Chella kicks off Season 2 of Argue the Toss, the gaming podcast for, with a new host. Introducing Drew Moffatt, who joins Chella to discuss Camp Santo's indie explorathon, Firewatch. Join us for a wander through Wyoming's most famous game.

Jun 14, 2016
S2|Ep09 - E3 2016 Highlights

Drew and Chella are dissecting all the news from the press conferences at E3 2016. It's time to sort the gaming wheat from the chaff and pick the best bits. Think of this like a pocket sized guide to this year's E3. Except for Nintendo, who failed to get their conference finished on time for the recording.

They've watched all the trailers and listened to all the PR waffle, so you don't have to. You'll get much better quality waffle here.

Jun 8, 2016
S2|Ep08 - Uncharted 4

Drew and Chella discuss the highs and lows of Uncharted 4, in this episode of Argue the Toss - the gaming podcast for They get into the best bits, how Nathan Drake's last hurrah fits into the overall series, as well as covering what didn't work. They also determine that Drew is a better casting director than Chella.

Here be spoilers - major story elements are discussed in the second half.

May 12, 2016

This episode of Argue the Toss sees Drew and Chella jump into the virtual world. Drew's invested in a VR set and he's giving the lowdown on the latest in gaming tech. The pros, cons, the best games and the best experiences to glean from VR - it's all here.

Apr 20, 2016

Drew and Chella take on the biggest games in archaeology. Yes, it's Uncharted vs Tomb Raider, in a feature length episode of Argue the Toss, the bitesize podcast for