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Drew (healthcare guy) and Chella (games journalist) every other Thursday for in-depth discussions on games and films, trailers, technology and geek stuff.

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Jan 31, 2017

The motel, when Richard eventually found it, was in a poorish state of repair, but no worse than most of the rest. The doorway had been painted, not well, but at least recently. The most striking feature of the door, however, was the bold and shiny brass plaque fixed in the dead centre of it, on which was engraved...

Jan 19, 2017

Time to discuss the Nintendo Switch. The story so far...

In the 1970s, Magnavox released the Odyssey - very first video game console. Since then, every element of videogaming has improved a thousandfold. Graphics now verge on the photorealistic. Uncompressed, lossless 5.1 audio plays from our speakers. Controllers sense...

Jan 4, 2017



It is a period of Christmas cheer.

Rebel podcasters, Skyping between

hidden bases, have recorded their

first episode beyond the eventful

year 2016.


During the holiday, the rebel cinephiles managed to catch a showing of the new Star Wars film, ROGUE ONE, the awaited spin-off with enough hype to split an entire...